Regarding the 360 unispin.

Im getting close to landing it (i think), and im wondering if learning the jump mount first will help me get the real thing easier.

Ive had some success with the jump mount, mainly ending in pain but success it has been.

If anyone else has gone about this the same way I am, please tell.


What? You’re trying 360 unispins, but you can’t do the jump mount? Can you do 180 unispins? Learning the jumpmount isn’t a requirement for unispins, but if you can do a 180 unispin, you’d be able to land jumpmount first try. And you have to be able to do 180 unispins before you even think of attempting 360 unispins.

I’m confused.

try to land it seat in… it is way easier

I think he’s on about 360 jump mount things… i didnt learn them b4 360 unispins i think its just about persistance. once you can land them then youll probably find them easier than 180 unispins :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i landed the 180 unispin ages ago, i think im pretty good at it.

I have been attempting the 360 unispin for a while now but i just havent got it right so i decided to learn the jump mount then have another go at the real thing. Just wondering if this is a useless idea.

I think so, the 360 unispin jumpmount seems harder and I never have learned it, before or after learning 3spins.

Do you mean the 360 unispin jump mount? Or just holding the uni in front of you and jumping onto it?

I don’t think unispin jump mounts are anything like unispins. I don’t even know if I can 360 unispin jump mount.

$10 says you can’t.

If you make it I’ll pay you at UNICON.

Hmm, what do you know, I just went out and landed one. I guess I don’t know my own strength.


Hehe. Well, Im gunna try again today and ill tell you all later how i went.

keep trying. ive been trying to land half hicks and half sexchanges since february. im just as close now as i was then.:smiley:

i have a hard time with any uni spins because i hold my left foot out to land on the ground with because im so used to failing. Failing too many times is messing me up. I still keep trying tho.

Video tape yourself, then you can see if your legs arent going up, if one foot is going down before the other, and anything else that could be going wrong.
With this method, I taught my friend to do them in 5 mins.

hiya. i went out to try 360 unispins for the first time today. I can land 180spins perfect now i want to work on 360 unispins. I struggle to catch the seat after spinning it as it is spinning to fast. Also i racked my balls twice because i landed with the uni under me how do i prevent this? thanks, any help willl be appreciated

I don’t let go of the seat for 360 unispins. I just sort of bring my left hand(the one in front) the whole way around.

And prevent racking by holding the seat in front of you and spinning it like that. Jump straight up.

i can do the 180 jump mount, jump mount, suicide mount, but i can’t do teh 180 uni spin AT ALL. it sucks. so hard…i jump and spin but i cant do it fast enough so my legs open and close and land on the pedals.

Jump higher with your body, kick your legs our or tuck them a few inches more than usual, put power into your spins.

If you can, record yourself from a few angles and watch it back and you can really see what needs to be corrected.

cool, i’ll try that, thanks jerrick. how long should it probably take me to learn??

Probably not too long. Some people can get them in a few mins practice, others days, and some months.

Your young though, and most young people can learn stuff pretty quickly.

ok thanks, i will try this when i get home after school.