Refused Entry on the BHF London to Brighton

I have just been informed that the event organisers ( The British Heart Foundation ) of the London to Brighton cycle ride have refused me entry on the event, and that they do NOT allow unicycles to take part.

So beware . . . they have you in their sights.

Oh dear, you didn’t contact them in advance to ask if it was ok, did you?

(whistles backwards through teeth)

What you should have done is register (by post or online) and not mention anything about your cycle.
Then turn up on the day and just ride it.
It’s not like anyone’s going to stop you.

Unfortunately my team mate did . . .at first they were all ‘That’s great, we would love to have you, could we do some film and interviews with you.’, and then they wrote back a week later and said that it contravened their terms and conditions.

They only allow two wheels - although they also allow people on trike’s using hand cranks.

They also said that it was an issue of ‘duty of care’. I explained that a unicycle is not dangerous unless ridden dangerously, and that we go as fast (if not faster) than someone using hand cranks - or a cyclist who has run out of puff and is walking.

How many cyclists when in training get stopped by complete strangers and asked what they are doing and why, and then have the stranger offer to sponsor them?

The morale of this story is . . .be subversive and don’t tell them.

Charity Event, right? If you already have sponsors you could come back with “but I’ve already raised X funds, if I do the event you will get said funds.”

Explained that i already had over £2k in sponsorship and thier response was 'well, we are sorry but you’ll just have to return it. :astonished:

I hope that they will re-evaluate their policy (not holding my breath).

Sounds more like the issue is that people are too lazy to interpret the rules.

People will look for all kinds of excuses to avoid extra work.

Oh wonderful, looks like someone in their health & safety department was having a particularly vigilant day.
(Don’t get me started. No, really).

On a side note, I do hope this directive doesn’t cover all their rides, as I’ve enjoyed the BHF Gower bike ride on the uni for quite a few years now, and I’d be a bit ticked if there was a blanket ban on unis.

Not that it would stop me, of course.

Heya Dane . . .was waiting for your thoughts on the matter . . . You Hit the Nail on the Head.:slight_smile:

To the local press with you!

Into The Blue . . . am affraid that it probbaly is . . .but dont let that stop you mate.:wink:

I have a tendency to have a comment about everything. I come from a very talkative family, and it gets me in trouble sometimes.

I would be outside on my uni, but I woke up today with my back crooked at an angle and I’m walking around the house in pain like an old man.

You know, despite them rejecting you. Sometimes you can show up to these kinds of things, and if you’re super nice and polite, or you get a really nice person at check in, you can sneak your way in. Obviously it would subjective to how they do their system.

I don’t know of the event, but it’s a charity event right? This seems extremely ridiculous that they would reject something as eye-catching as a unicyclist at a charity event.

If they only allow two wheels, show up with two wheels…one on the uni and one strapped to your back (an old 16", a cart wheel or even a wheel of cheese). When they inquire say your bike just broke, but in the true spirit of a charity ride, you’re willing to push on…

Darn! I had planned to ride the L2B this year. I have never known this charity to be so obstructive to unicycles - perhaps it comes down to one L2B admin person somewhere in the pipeline.

Im planning to do several events this year with the same charity and will not be informing them that I will be unicycling - and there is never any need on enrollment forms.

Of course I could do the same route as the L2B without taking part in the ‘official’ start. If I just happen to be riding the same route on the day how can they stop me going where I want to go.

Hmmm I will have to think about this issue and wonder if it was a knee-jerk reaction from an individual organiser who wouldn’t have been bothered until he/she was asked.

Well wait, we haven’t discussed it from the organizers point of view.

They may not know what kind of unicycle you will be riding. They might be thinking of a 6’ tall giraffe!! I could understand if that was what their mind brings up when they hear unicycle. Maybe it’s just a matter of showing them what road uni really is!

Unfortunately its was the HEAD of the event that I ended up speaking to.

I did offer to attach another wheel to the frame and turn it into a biycle (please all, excuse me for my sins), the response was that i would have to submit a picture to them. I was also imediatley informed that modifications were also not alolowed:).

At this point I wished her well with organising such a huge event, and apologised for the time that I had taken up in the run up to such a major event, adding that i hoped they would re-evaluate their policies regarding unicycles.

Hmm, I just sent an email off this morning to a local event organizer letting them know I plan on doing the event on a uni. . . :o

going to go with the police term on this one:

“Ignorance is not an excuse.”

besides, I thought he made it clear to them that it was a capable machine.

I agree, a wheel of cheese, and bring a fake-looking mustache disguise too. Sign in as “George P. Burdell” . . . nobody will get the joke : P (google if you’re curious)

No modifications? What?! Now they’re just making up crap. It’s not like you’re putting a damn rocket booster on your unicycle.

It seems to be a cruious bit of human behaviour at work here. No-one would expect someone to turn down two thousand pounds for a charity… I’m really curious about what the actual organisers of this event would think if they found out about this! A unicycle not only brings attention, I’m sure a unicyclist could potentially raise a lot more money for charity by just riding one wheel! People look at a unicycle like the silly vehicle it can appear to be, but for real if you were serious enough to try to get sponsors I’m sure many people would be up for it!

Ask them if it is OK for you to participate on a single speed cycle. Once they say “sure” you’re officially approved and you asked ahead of time.