Refurbished Coker's on Unicycle.Com

I’m thinking about buying one of the refurbished coker’s on Unicycle.Com. and wonder if anybody has any first hand experience with these. I’m wondering if I should go for the better wheel or if the stock coker wheel with the better hub would do. It would primarily be used on the street and paved bike trails.

Given what you say you’ll be riding, the stock wheel should be fine. You may want to see thread “Coker Reliability”

the stock coker wheel and stock hub will last practically forever riding paved surfaces and quite a long time unpaved.

Re: Refurbished Coker’s on Unicycle.Com

I’ve got the refurb, and it’s been great.

I’ve already upgraded the seat to an airseat (with GB4 handle), crank arms to bicycle euros (bent the originals),and the petals to some left over wellgos.

I will wind up upgrading the wheel at some point to the airfoil.

I guess the nice thing about starting with the cheap model is that along the way you discover all the things you want to upgrade and then you get to do it just the way you like. OR you might keep it the way it is.