Refurb square-axle Schlumpf guni

I purchased this hub January 2008 as a refurb from UDC, built up into a 29er with a Nimbus rim, Kenda Klaw tyre, etc. Since then I’ve rebuilt it into 24" and 26" wheels and finally its current incarnation, an ultralight 29er “road” uni; it’s done about 400 miles in all and spent at least a year sitting unused in a cupboard before being refilled with oil. Specs:

*Hub: schlumpf 2-speed square-axle gearbox, Unicycle Hub Nr 000031
*Frame: schlumpf aluminium telescope frame, takes any wheel size, with movable brake mounts
*Cranks: schlumpf aluminium 152mm in silver, note no pedals included
*Rim: Mavic TN719 Disc - this is a very lightweight rim recommended by 29er mountain _bike_rs, at 510g it saves over 200g compared to a Nimbus 29". It’s 19mm wide and Mavic recommend tyre widths of 1.50 to 2.30".
*Tyre: Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 700C * 2" - Schwalbe’s top-of-the-line sporty touring tyre, excellent puncture proofing and only 645g, saving 250g over a 2.35" Big Apple (still nearly 200g over a 2" BA!).
*Saddle: Nimbus Gel in orange (missing one bolt)
*Seatpost: nimbus aluminium, 350mm * 25.4
*Also including a Cateye Strada Wireless cycle computer and all the schlumpf tools (crank extractor adaptor, crank button spanners+allen, spare crank bolts, oil syringe).

The idea of this build was to see if a lighter-weight wheel would make the uni more controllable and faster on-road, and indeed it does - a friend on a bicycle clocked me down a slight hill at a steady 18mph and I wasn’t close to the limit of exhaustion or spinning out, only confidence…!

After all my experiments I settled on the 26" as my favourite and upgraded to a KH Schlumpf, hence the sale. The uni’s currently in Cambridge, or I could easily bring it to Colchester (/Bury/Ipswich), but I don’t have a car; posting negotiable.

So it’s not a KH, and you shouldn’t do 2-foot drops on it; and it may not quite be your dream guni; but it could well be the cheapest way to get hold of a schlumpf :), and if you still haven’t tried a guni and want to, or if (like me) you like the idea but want to make sure (/which one)…

£450 ono


PM sent for KH 26

Am I missing something here?

Provisionally expressing interest - depends on how much other stuff I can sell and how much money I have.



Looking forward to it!