refresh my memory: frame/tire compatibility?

do new onza frames fit 24x3 tires? how about yuni frames? I knew this once, but I’m not sure anymore.

thanks everybody.

It does.
The frame is a powdercoated nimbus II…

I have Lots of room around my 2.6" kenda kinetics tyre, i have no doubt a 3" tyre will fit.

Edit: The onza-frame that is.

Ok, I think that’s what I wanted. If anybody has had some kindo of bad experience with a gazz and an onza, let me know, though. One of my freinds is considering buying one, and wants a fatty tire.

I emailed Roger at UDC UK about this. He said the 3 x 24 Tires will definitely fit. He also said the onza frame is not just a Nimbus/Yuni frame, but one that is stronger than that. I also asked the rim width. He wasn’t sure, but knew it wasn’t as wide as an Alex DX 32. He said he’s had people put the fat tires on with successfully.

goody, thanks.