Reflections on a return to the sport

I’ve felt like a fraud posting here since I hadn’t ridden either of my unis since my 60th birthday last October. In February I had a nasty ski racing accident and broke two ribs. That led to pneumonia and a stint in the hospital. The ribs still ache when I sleep on my left side but there’s nothing that can be done to accelerate the healing process. In any event, my wife needed a ride to the airport yesterday and wound up leaving her car at a friends house 5 miles away. She asked me to pick it up and the only way to get there other than walking was to pump up the tire in my 28" and hop back on.

I just completed the ride and I’m happy to report all mounts (and there were several) were freemounts and I was able to negotiate a couple of steep (for me anyway) hills. I discovered that missing two months of snowboarding and skiing left my quads pretty much atrophied and they got a real workout even on a ride this short. Most of the UPDs occurred when climbing hills and I’ve never mastered the technique of free mounting on an uphill so I had to do a little bit of hoofing. The lower back pain I’ve experienced in the past was happily absent today. I wear a fairly heavy Camelbak for hydration.

The battery in my bike computer died so I have to estimate the speed but I’m sure I only averaged about 6 mph. The first time out I took it pretty easy.

Anyhow, it felt great to get back in the saddle and I was disappointed when I got to my destination. I felt I could have done a much longer ride. I’m taking the uni on a camping trip to Rhode Island later this month and they have a lengthy flat biking path. I hope to log some significant miles there.

Good to hear you’re back in the saddle Pat.

wow thats pretty good for the injuries…keep it up and take care of your body…

Glad you’re back riding. It is fun to ride a unicycle, eh, Pat?

So you decided to ride the unicycle back home, eh? :smiley:


Nope. Had to bring the child bride’s (she’s only 54) Pontiac Vibe back home.

It was great to get back riding. I’m heading north this afternoon to do a little spring cleaning on my Vermont condo. I keep my 20" up there. Maybe I can get in a little riding time over the weekend.

Now if I could just figure out how to carry my golf clubs I could ride to the course…


Yep. It really IS fun!