Refelctors for Odyssey Twisted PC

I have these reflectors that belong on Odyssey Twisted PC pedals. They came with a KH20 in 2011 and I’m looking for a source for replacements, but all I can find are unsatisfactory hacks.

You should probably contact Odyssey directly… I doubt someone has those

I must have a heap laying around as I just take them off every time I use a new pair of the pedals.

Don’t think the effort to send them from Australia overseas would be worth it. Better to just buy a new pair of pedals that comes with them haha.

Every pair of Twisted PCs I’ve ever bought came without them. Odyssey has not responded to my inquiry.

Wow that is amazing. I have bought about 12 pairs of them over the duration of my riding and they have always come with them. That is odd

Where did you buy them?

I bought two pairs from Amazon and they didn’t come with reflectors.

My Nimbus pedals came with those reflectors but I took them off when one fell out somewhere while riding

The only other mention of them I have found before starting this thread:

That sounds to me like they are intended for OEM customers.

Cool interview btw. There’s even a unicycle shout-out. I know they work for me and that others like them too (and recommend them, which is how I got started) but I didn’t know that they were such a success story.

I need to collect more colors, apparently.

I wanted to get the galaxy, but they weren’t in stock.

Sweet! It must have been a very limited edition. There’s a “red galaxy” that’s still around at some places but I like this one better.

Where did you buy them? Different places? Some BMX vendor? Amazon, ebay?

I have two of them. What I’ve realized though is that they fit in just about any of the plastic pedals I have that have the holes for them. I think they use a somewhat standard connection across reflectors and pedals. You might be able to find reflectors from other pedals which work fine on the twisteds.

I would check out some 3M reflective tape. You can find it really cheap on ebay, and if the standard stick wasn’t enough, you could always use superglue. You can buy small strips in bike shops sometimes, but it’s usually fantastically expensive there.