Reef's New Video

cool as…

well done reef you are really improving see u only start tricks in october… :slight_smile:

hehe evans first post. thanks evanopolis.

I just ran into this on youtube and forgot how good it is :sunglasses:

sorry, I thought I was in the video forum:o

woah, this thread is from a while ago.
thanks for the comment and for bring this back to life.


Great riding! I wonder how you manage not to kill your uni. You must have very soft technique.

Well done!

haha i didnt know this got posted in. thanks ivan its probably due to my weight, or lack of it. yeah im pretty light.

:roll_eyes: You’ve gotten sooo much better in the last 6 months!!!:smiley:

So when is your next vid.

haha thanks this videos old im making a newy soon.