Reef's New Video

Hey everyone, this is my new video, I hope you guys enjoy!
I suggest the gallery link.


Nice! You’re too good for your uni… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice vid :slight_smile:
I busted to thread on my learner uni from jumping up/down curbs :frowning:

That was a great video, best i’ve seen in quite a while, especially as you were hitting all that on a CX.

thanks, you can donate me one if you want:p

thanks. yeah that sucks, i really need a new uni.

thanks thats nice to hear, its not a cx though, it’s a very busted up torker lx.

you are good man!

nice flips!

thanks:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Very good video! Im impressed with the hickflips and fakie hickflip. That was really good.

oh man the hick fakie flips were driving me insane trying to learn them

how long have you been uni-ing?
the CX is way stronger than you would ever imagine, and plastic epoxy will hold that pedal in if you do it right :slight_smile:

ok thanks for the advice, but i got a new crank. well i’ve been able to ride for over a year and a hlf by now, but ive only been doing tricks since septemeber 26 06, that was when i got the uni i have now for my birthday, so pretty much 3 monts or so.

:astonished: awesome!

can I smack you please??
lol Jk
thats rediculous, i am envious of your street skills.

hahahaha, too bad you cant have my skills, theyre all mine:D . thanks jjtheunicycle and skrobo.

Really nice video… its funny to see trials on such a small tire though… :roll_eyes:

hahaha yeah i know, but thats all i’ve got.

Great video, and it reinforces the fact that not everyone needs a splined hub and crankset, especially for small guys like you, a cotterless hub can hold up very well with some decent cranks.

thanks, yeah exactly, although i have bent my axle and saddle. but its all good.

Very nice! You have learned a ton of stuff really fast. For just flip tricks and flatland stuff a torker lx might not be bad, it is way lighter than a splined trials wheel so it might be nicer to ride. I rode a 20" wheel for a while (it was splined though) and I liked it for flips. It definately took less effort to make it go around so I picked that one to learn doubles on.
Anyway, I really liked your vid.

Well there were only about 2 trials lines in the whole vid so it doesn’t really matter.

Oh and is it your post thats bent or is the actual seat? If its just the post then I would flip the seat around on in. It is much nicer to have a seat tilted back than tilted forward.

yeah thanks. Nah its the seat, just from landing on the front of it.