Reef's New Video

Man I can’t believe your uni is still in one piece!

well done, yeah when i landed my first crankflip i think it was two handed. i cant wait 'till you get the hickflip, then you’ll have to make a video.
I’ve been able to crankflip for about 2-3 weeks now.


neither can I!

great vid man.
everytime you landed on that LX i cringed…
you definately good enough for a KH man!


hahaha thanks yeah i dont know how it holds up. oh you dont know how much i want a kh.

Shit! We spoke too soon

I just ran into this on youtube and forgot how good it is :sunglasses:

Which uni are you saving up for? Have you gotten it yet?

i want the kh trials. i dont have it yet but i have $334 and it cost $800 and im getting a bit of work
thanks bye

That’s $660.80 USD!!

Try $363.99 USD + ship