Reef's New Video

Hey everyone, this is my new video, I hope you guys enjoy!
I suggest the gallery link.


good stuff man.

PROPS… haha

how long did you say youve been riding for?

haha it was you who said props on the lupe fiasco video, and i asked you what it meant, hehe i remember that
well i’ve been riding for about a year and a half, but i’ve only been doing tricks since september 26 06 when i got the uni i have now for my birthday. so pretty much 3 months or so.

haha yeah

thats pretty sik man, ur progressing reli quick

why thank you, your not that to say that [progress thing].

no worries… i have no idea what u just sed tho…

i said you’re not the first to say im improving fast…

Very good level, I like your flip tricks…Good video!

ah yeah, gotcha!

yeah man once i could crankflip, the other flip tricks were easy
and matty… finally hehe

So reef when are you going to get a new uni? And great video I am so close to getting the crankflip I just don’t know what more to do.

that was sweet. ya u r progessing fast. good job

Very impressive! You didn’t let that missing pedal stop you! :sunglasses:

im gonna get a new one as soon as i get a job and save up some money. thanks, and i hope you get the crankflip.

i told you matty, everyone’s saying it… and thank you for the comment

thanks, yeah when that happened i just practiced heaps of stationary tricks like seatwraps and stuff, as well as practicing wheel walking. so in a way it was good the pedal broke, because if it didnt i mightnt know how to do those thicks:) .

I really liked it!!!

Is it your first long film?

thanks nah its my second but i hate my first one, its really crap. but if you want to watch it go to my youtube account its in my sig. kbye

sweet movie man, loved it all.
congratulations, you deserve it.

thanks Tom.

Yea i just got down my crankflip, and can do it one handed sometimes, once i get it down good, ill try for the 180 crankflip, then the hickflip (I really want to get this one down).

So how long have you been able to crankflip?

nice vid:)