Reeder VS Regular

I was just curious about the advantages to the different handle types. Whats the differences/advantages between the reeder and the regular(gb4?)

I always liked the reeder handle as it just seems like you could get higher hops using that than the standard plastic KH type lift handle

it kinda depends upon the type of riding. for street or trials i like just a regular plastic KH lift handle, but having a reedr for muni is reall nice because the handle feelsmore stable, especially when you’re on a long steep downhill section where you are really pulling up on the handle a lot.

it is all about the death grip handle. all the advantages of both, but kinda expensive.
strong and good grip and still low profile.

definantly, the deathgrip is were its at.

the only downside to the deathgrip is it can crack after alot of encounters with concrete.

Deathgrips rock. S Wallis has amazing customer service as well. He answered around 10 emails before I purchased my base and handle, with awesome answers.

I would get a DG.