reeder seat handle

with a kh seat at the right height i can ride for pretty much all day without getting a sore ass.
on the viscount its a bit closer to 15miniutes.
i`d just stick with the kh for now.
maybe a pair of good quality bike gloves would make it more comfortable.
i prefer fingerless.

the reeder handle is realy good but its a totaly specialist peice of kit. id say its one of those "if you dont know what it is, then you don`t need it" things.

if your the diy type, you could re-shape the foam in your kh seat to make it a bit thinner, which probably would be fairly simple.

or maybe i could just ask kris :astonished:

it’s really just a stretch for my hand, even though i have big hands, and the weight of the uni gets put on my fingers which just can’t support it for long. do you have this problem? or do you not do seat out jumping?

yeah the kris holm seat is comfortable, but my old semcycle seat has a tube already in it. :slight_smile:

on second thought though, i have a bike gel seat cover i may be able to convert for my KH seat for long riding…

Tony, i suggest gloves unless you already have some. if you do, that would suck, get a different seat, hehe i don’t know…