reeder prototype pictures

check out this early Reeder/barnes handle prototype mold.

early r,handle.jpg

It looks like a mound of blue poo.
-David Kaplan

yeah it does,heres the front veiw.

early r,handle2.jpg

I dont like it much. Luckily, this is just a hoax.
-David Kaplan

no, these are not a hoax

i found these pic’s in the archives.they are the prototypes of what lead to the hoax

Oh, in that case, I’ll stick with my original views. I am sure something better and prettier can be made.
-David Kaplan

RE: reeder prototype pictures

> yeah it does,heres the front veiw.
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It looks comfortable. But what happens to that blob of Play-Doh when you


Re: RE: reeder prototype pictures

Thats the beauty of it. All you have to do is reshape it. the real question is what happens when you try to grab it and hop.
-David Kaplan