Reeder Handles for Trials?

Im considering ordering a Reeder handle to go along with my CF base for my Trials uni…Are there any special advantages or disadvantages i should kno about before i make the purchase.

Or can anyone give me solid proof as to why i shouldnt get one? What are your experiences with Reeders?


Im not sure, but for solid trials I would only use SIF unless I was perhaps riding a skinny. Cant comment on the strength or anything though.


I used to ride with a reeder. For sif trials it makes no difference because you don’t use a handle. For hopping si it is nice and comfortable. With a CF base there is no flex at all.

Some disadvantages are that it is a little heavier than normal handles and it hurts really bad when you land on it. If you are going to use it for any flatland kind of moves (like unispins) then it can get dangerous. I have stabbed myself in the leg a few times and it hurts alot.

And rolling hops. I like rolling hops. :slight_smile:

I would say it would be a lot more useful on a muni. Even though I’ve ridden with one all of about 20 seconds. Which was on Spencers Muni.

Ok ill just leave the Miyata handle for now…maybe upgrade to reeder later.