Reeder Handle Undeadified!

For those of you who just CRAVE a reeder handle (usually right handed because leftys are still available), I have gone and done the dirty work for you all. If you haven’t been keeping up on mile’s constant wants for stuff :p, you probably don’t know about these pictures and measurements.

I have made these measurements detailed as i can and as accurate as i am able to measure, and they are now available to the unicycling public for those of you who are out of luck with reeders.

I plan to be welding up some mock-ups and i’m sure people like torkerdx and others would be happy to help with reeder-esque handles with the use of these measurements.

have fun with it.

that last piece is around 3.5 inches long, tip to tip, and the angle is kind of a wierd compound angle.
you’ll have to adjust that piece slightly, to how you see fit.

For those of you who what a lefty these measurements still apply. You can just flip and modify that compound angle on the piece attaches to the bracket and you’ll have a lefty. Easy as pie. Prices may vary, offer not applicable where void.


how thick is the tubing, what grade of steel (if you know)etc.

Nope, i don’t know the tubing sizes.

i believe the OD is around 3/4", though.

can you take some photos with the mounting plate flat on a table. like one looking strate down on it and some profile ones. if you do i will love you

Gimme a little while and i’ll do what i can.

ok sweet

And by a little while i mean tomorrow sometime.
I’m working.

Awesome thanks man.

@Skrobo make it out of 4130 and you should be fine :wink: .

Maybe I could try and make mine out of aluminum. I doubt it though, don’t have an autoclav.

This is a really great thing to do for the unicycle community! I appreciate the time that you took!:smiley:

you’re welcome.

I just figured how hard i worked and how long it took me to get ahold of one and wanted to make it easier for everyone.

The tubing is 7/8" also 22.2mm. This is standard handlebar and grip size. .049 should work for wall thickness.

Awsome now all I need is some Argon.

Yeah I need some too. I got one of these for my birthday, should help for making uni parts, great for getting around corners.


Thats quite an interesting contraption you have there. How much does it cost? Does it help much? Is it water cooled or air?

120 bucks. Great for getting in weird places/angles. Air cooled, though it comes in water cooled as well.