Reeder Handle on Coker, finally mastered!

Well, I have never been too much of a fan for the reeder handle on my coker (xcept for the crossbar i added making it a suitable muni handle as well

until now…

I have always thought that I was to take the weight off my seat by pushing down on this handle, making me basically feet and hands on the uni, sure it takes weight off, but leaves your pedaling effenciency pretty crappy.

On a ride today, I finally figured it out (although I really haven’t played around with the endurance aspect of it since I got it)

Don’t use the handle to support your weight (as in, pushing straight down to support your weight)

Push down and forward on the handle, this pivots the uni frame more forward…and…a different part of the seat for you to sit on. A different (wider) part of the seat you are sitting on means different areas of the sore butt area are having pressure applied to them, it’s great! (well, not great, but it allows for a different type of pain while the first pain subsides)

Don’t push down on the Reeder, push forward!

(and I recommend a cut down bar end to use as a cross piece. ugly as sin, but wow!

Re: Reeder Handle on Coker, finally mastered!

Do you have a picture of the modified Reeder handle? I’m having problems picturing what you mean by a cross piece.

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I just wanna see ‘ugly as sin’ :smiley:

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It’s actually not that ugly, and functions like a normal handle on any other unicycle (ie. reeder, kinport etc).

Just picture the 2 tubes coming forward out of the gb4 (not reeder, you silly canadian). Then picture a bar end cut and clamped to one side. It fits in the gap between the gb4 handle tubes.