reeder handle and viscount saddle

I got my reeder handle, i put it on my viscount saddle and a i love both of them, the saddle is so much more comfortable than the kris holm or torker dx saddles in my opinion , and the handle is better than anything i’ve tried before,

That’s good to hear about the handle.

I’m surprised you like the viscount seat, I’ve never heard anyone say they prefer it over a KH.

the kh seat would chaffe my inner thighs, and i have no such problem with the viscount saddle

How did you mount it? Got any pics?

sorry i don’t have any pics,

but they way i mounted was i took of the front bumper, positioned the handle where i wanted it, marked the holes, and screwed it into place using the extra screws that came with my viscount saddle, then i cut down the handle so my legs had a little more room

with the way i positioned it, i don’t feel much of a difference between holding the handle with my right or left hand

Its mounted with screws, not bolts? I have a reeder on one of my Muni seats but it is mounted with bolts.

yeah with screws

Never mind. I thought that screws may be susceptible to stripping but apparently machine screws do work.

do you think the handle is woth $40


i have one and its totally worth it. tons stronger than the kh plastic handle, and with a stiffener plate your saddle is really stiff and better for hopping.