Redwood Park MUni ride, 3/19/06

We had our last training ride for Moab this weekend. After getting beat up last weekend in Rockville Hills Park, I was looking for something strenuous but low-impact. Four of us (plus a bicycle) set out on the Redwood Loop, a 10-mile loop on fire roads, and then the two of us who are going to Moab dropped down on the technical singletrack through Joaquin Miller Park.

The loop is low-UPD; only some mud bogs and steep uphills knocked people off. It is really more 29er/Coker territory, but I was on my 24" for a final shake-out ride. There is a fair amount of stuff to play on off to the sides of the trail. It was really tiring; I made it all except one of the hills, including one I’d never made it up before. I got photos, and video of Chris Labonte riding some nice logs, and biffing badly on one.

See you all in Moab!