Red Power Pashley w/Miyata seat and Roach cover

I bought this 6 years ago before I moved to Japan and haven’t used it. In fact, I cant even find the cranks and pedals. It is in 95% new condition.
Will sell to best offer. shipping from Dallas, Texas.
This is the power pashely muni with red pashley frame, 28" kenda kolossal tire, miyata seat with red roach seat cover.
I am hoping to get at least 200$ for this as it cost me 495$ and it is in very good condition. I take paypal.

Make me an offer! I need Christmas money

More people would probably be interested if you put up pictures.

Three grainy pictures here:

I will give you $60.00 for the Seat, post and cover. I will pay the shipping ofcourse.
Let me know.

Is it possible for me to sell it piecemeal? Do people buy just frames and wheels? If it is, then you have a deal.

I think that seeing as how that is really just a lollipop frame, people on this board might be more inclined to buy just that wheel and tire from you seperately. This is just my thoughts though and some on here may feel otherwise.

Well, pending this sale, the frame and wheel are all that’s left.
Make me an offer!