Red Muni Downhill- Autumn 2009 - Jani Dobnik

This is the first downhill video from Jani Dobnik shot in autumn 2009. Enjoy and leave a comment! :smiley: :sunglasses: (It will be on youtube soon)

Locations: Slovenia (Preobld, Gora Oljka, Lopata (Northshore’s))
Camera & Editing: Žiga Sternad
Camera: JVC gz-mg21e
Music: Green day- Holiday

p.s. -Another video from me will be uploaded today or maybe tomorrow.:wink:

Something about a unicycle in the piney woods! Nice stuff … more North Shore. That looks so fun … I have never gotten to do that.

Next year, we will build bigger northshores, so there will be more to shoot to… But we don’t have much place to build on :roll_eyes:

Nice video man and cool obstacles.
Whos property did you build on?

I didn’t build it… There are 2 owners of that land and somebody (our friend) asked them if he can build northshores there and they agreed. He builded them with his friend, but his friend can’t help him building anymore, so now me and that guy, who’s riding in this video will help him next year to build it on.

There is one problem. There is some guy who is looking for mushrooms in that forrest and he said that since that northshores are there no mushrooms are growing :thinking: - thatwhy he smashed some obstacles - i mean, total idiot… We see lots of mushrooms there and a month ago we proved him that mushrooms are just fine growing because we found 2 very big ones and gave it to him :sunglasses: hehe, hope he will stop destroying it… :roll_eyes: or we will be forced to do something else :roll_eyes:

Next year the northshores will be much bigger, we just have to get some material. :slight_smile:

Great vid! Those stuctures are cool it reminds me of Woodhill, thats really cool about being sponsered by Red Bull. Good luck with the mushroom person :slight_smile: