Red Fly MUni

This is my 3rd attempt at a video. The quality is not good IMO - think I used the wrong setting on the GoPro Hero (not the 2) combined with poor knowledge of how to export, etc.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy!

If anyone has any advice on settings, exporting, etc - PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

It’s mushroom hunting time in the forest but be warned about those red ones (Amanita Muscaria).

I rekon it’s an awesome video :slight_smile: I like the angles and the flow of the video.

Haven’t ridden with Jonathan in a while, and he’s clearly rocking it lately. Nice :smiley:

Great video :slight_smile:

Joy of Muni :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed it! Great riding and nice mushrooms :wink:

Yeah, I always thought those mushrooms from Super Mario Bros. were just cartoon things, but they actually do exist!

Beautiful trail; looks like a blast to go speeding down it.

Cool set up! If I wanted to replace my nimbus hub with the new disk hub, would I need new spokes?

Not bad for your 3rd video :slight_smile:

cool vid dont eat the red ones