Red Deer Unicyclists?

Hey, I’m wanting to start up a uni club in Red Deer So if you’re living in or near Red Deer, Alberta, and want to ride, give me a shout! So far the plan is to do a weekly ride in the evening on some weeknight…

did you just move to red deer?

i have a lot of family there, and we make quite regular visits. We should go for a ride sometime in a “non-competitive” setting (that means where you and danni don’t have to try to my butt to me:D)

I know a guy called jamie that comes through red deer once every two-three weeks and rides in calgary. Maybe you could hook up with him when he comes down.

I was in red deer on the first of march, but I probably won’t be there again in a while. I heard riding sucks there.


i know that there are riders in red deer, i saw some kids riding around town last year.

im in red deer

hey, im in red deer,i havent been able to find any unicyclists here though. but just riding down by the hospital like at the scate park a few hours ago i saw three unicyclists riding kh trials.
ya so im in red deer

Hey that’s cool that there is another rider in Red Deer. Unfortunately I’m not near there anymore… I know a couple riders in the city, but I don’t think they’re on this forum… but I could possibly put you in touch with them if you want.