Red CrMo KH frame

I realy want a red CrMo KH frame, I think it’s the 2003/2004 version.
Does anybody know if you still can buy it and where?


The first Kris Holm unicycles were Orange and made in Canada, (I think) they were more expensive than the Black ones that came out later.

They were called Summits but didn’t have the strengthening modifications that Kris made to the later Black CrMo frames.

You will be lucky to find a shop that still has them in stock, beware of cheap copies of the KH CrMo frame made of cheaper (less strong) steel


Talk to sponge on these forums, he recently got an old KH crmo frame, from darren bedofrd i think, I’m sure he can tell you how he got his. He made a thread about it so maybe if you search you can find it.

I think the orange/red ones were the Summit ones, which I have been led to believe that they were frames copied from KH.

Anyway, I got mine from Bedford unicycles, it did cost quite a bit to get it to me, but they are lovely frames. Kris used an orange/red one in Universe 2, maybe its an older model, or he powdercoated it?

I thought you were all about your KH07? Unless you’ve seen the light. :roll_eyes:

Steel is real

The summit was a frame which Kris had rejected, as it did not live up to his standards. Mostly this was due to the fact that it weighed a tone and half. The company who manufactured them, did so without KHU involvement afaik.

The red one which Kris was riding in early footage seems to be a prototype, or possibly a non-production model of the early KH frames.

For any information regarding the Summit Unicycles, you could do a search, although I feel the information I have posted is somewhat accurate tho limited.

I heard that the summit frame was kh’s design but it weighed too much and the crown was flat and he wanted it slanted so he changed it but the factory jumped the gun and already had made some so they were just sold by udc with the rest of the kh parts.

thats one huge sentence spence

True, I leaved the KH07 uni, but I jut love the “retro” look off that frame.
Kris usses that frame in Universe2 and Into The Thunder Dragon.
I really want that frame.


I meant “loved”


This one?

I think it’s a one-off prototype. But I think you can get a Gus Dingeman’s frame similar to that…

No, I ment the 20" and that has a different crown then this one.
Mail every unicycle shop, and Darren one has the blach CrMo frame.
I think I buy that one then, anyone got some pictures off that one?


look at that thread.

You mean this one?

Nope, that’s a Summit.
But I think the black one is the one I need.
Thank anyway.

It’s that frame.


its funny to see KH using profiles, a luna, myata seat??? and a DX32…

btw that looks like the black KH frame but simply painted in summit style colours.

although u sure thats not a summit frame without “summit” written on it???

Any one knows the weight off the black KH20" frame?


hey thats a GP