Red Bull update

OOps One or two errors and omissions from my last post about the Red Bull Uni
race… I have since spoken to the organisers and clarified a few points.

Persons wishing to race at the evnt ( and maybe win a whizzy new uni) must be
18 years old or older. Sorry if your younger but the event insurance will not
allow you to race.

Any one can come to the event and enjoy playing in the park and trying out
other unis and annoying two wheelers. No age limits on that bit, just on
racing, sorry.

Racers must have one or more light attached to them or to thier uni for the
race. This is coz by the end of the race it will be dark, start time is
approx 9.55 pm.

If you missed all the other info then its all on the BMW web page at for your perusal, along with links to other usefull sites
like local train and tourist info.

See you there