Red Bull Uni Race

Red Bull Mountain Mayhem

This is a 24 hour mountain Bike race sponsered by Red Bull the soft drink
company, held at sandwell Park nr Birmingham over the w/end 26-27th June
1999. This year the surporting events to the main race include a unicycle
race on sat 26th.

The race is a mini version of the 24 hour one. There will be a 1km circuit and
the rider who covers the highest distance in 24 minutes wins. The circuit will
be on grass with some obstacles added. Red Bull will provide lapcounters,
timekeepers, etc as per the main race. Just to make it more fun the race will be
run at dusk (approx 9.55 pm) so bring along lights if you wish. To enter the
race you are asked for a 3 pound donation to the childrens charity SPOCKS. The
largest wheel size allowed in this race is 28 inches diamter.

Pashley are providing a first prize, there may well be others and lots of red
Bull for all racers.

The organisers say… As this event is using BCF rules racers should be 18 or
older and cycle helmets should be worn. Under 18s may be able to race if they
have a parental letter of consent with them. camping is avlible and there are
toilets and showers on site. There should be an all night party going on for
the energetic, there is the 24 hr race to watch bits off and the Red Bull will
flow freely.

Throughout the event ‘Unicycling’ will have a trade stand to promote our sport
among cyclists attending the 24 hr race and spectators. We can use this stand to
plug the unicycle convention , various hockey teams, unicycle clubs,
events…any thing with a one wheel theme.

To promote your club or event , bring with you some flyers and posters, or send
them to sarah @ 39 Western Rd, Reading, RG1 6PD before the 24th June

If you need any more info on this event contact me on 0118 9583242 or by e-mail
and I’ll try to help . Please tell your uni riding friends about this event and
come along to join in, look forward to seeing you there.