Red Bull Mayhem up-date

The results are out at last and team muni did NOT come last. In the mixed calss
we came 95th, beating two teams on time taken, we also managed more laps than
four of the sport men calss teams. So I make it that we beat four teams ( and
any teams that droped out with out qualifing as well).

The Red Bull Uk web site has been up-dated and their report on the Mayhem
mentions us uni riders in a very postive light, take a look at

If any body wants to enter the red Bull mayhem next year with a uni team… the
date should be June 23rd -24th 2001. keep an eye on the Red Bull web pages for
when the entry forms come out or drop me line and I’ll get you one. Teams need
to be 4 people for a single sex team or 5 people in a mixed sex team. You ride
in relay for 24 hours, each rider must complete two laps of the 10 mile course
for the team to qualify as finishers, the hard part is doing the night laps and
coping on not much sleep. So are you interested, Lars? Frank? John? Stu?