red/black 24" dx or brown wood style 24" dx?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been riding a 20" lx torker for a while and I’m looking into a new unicycle. The unicycle will be for mainly muning with a tiny tiny amount of very noobie flat land and trials.

So my question is does anyone know the specs for the red/black 2010 dx? The only thing I have found is that the 2010 is a little heavier compared to the 2011. any input on the subject is welcome.

Thanks in advance, EvilMrTopHat

Take a look at the cranks, I think the red/blank model still had an older style of cranks.

I’m pretty sure that the 2010 DX didn’t come in red/black. They did come in black, but they had black cranks, rim, pedals, seat… They may have had a little red in the sticker, but I can’t remember for sure. I don’t think they made much of a change between '10, and '11. The only thing I’m pretty sure about is that in '11 they went to a 36 spoke Weinmann rim instead of the 48 spoke Alex. They are pretty much the same weight, and both ISIS. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one. I also seem to recall that they use a standard BMX mid BB bearing rather than a unicycle ISIS bearing. To me that’s a bit of a bonus since you can get the bearings at any bike shop.

The older black/red ones were tanks. They are heavy, and they have limited parts availability. I wouldn’t pay more than a hundred for an old DX. If you can get one cheap enough it could be decent, but you won’t be able to change crank length easily, and when you need new bearings be prepared to pay.

The red/black DX is 2009 or prior.
This model had odd sized bearings, and would not fit a 3" tire.

The 2010 model was all black, had off the shelf bearings, and came with a 2.6" tire, but would fit a 3". 48 spokes, no brake mounts. (I have this model)

The latest (woodgrain) model now has 36 spokes, and possibly a different sized bearing again (not sure).

I am really happy with the 2010 DX, and the seat seems like one of the more comfortable ones out there. I think the DX is known as a heavier uni - but I haven’t found it unusually so. It’s also known as a strong uni.

If I were to do it again, I might consider the Nimbus rather than the Torker though, since it comes with brake mounts and a 3" tire standard. Haven’t compared seats though, and that could be a deciding factor for me.

The all black DX was 2005 and did not have clearance for a 3" tire, and I don’t think had brake mounts.

The red/black is the 2006-9 uni. It did have clearance for all 3" tires except the Nokian Gazoladi (has been out of production for 4 or 5 yrs, but may still be able to find one for sale). This DX did have brake mounts, a 38 mm wide 48 spoke rim, and odd 40mm bearings.

The 2010-11 DX has more tire clearance, ISIS hub and cranks, a slightly wider 40 mm 48 spoke rim, and standard 41.5 mm bearings (IDK if they can be interchanged w/ the more common 42mm parts). The prototype did not have brake mounts, but the one on UDC looks like it might, I can’t really tell.

Since the Nimbus 24" Muni (or 26) is the same price, slightly better in several areas, and several colors, I dodn’t know why anyone would get a DX anymore (although the stock Nimbus cranks are weaker). The Nimbus has, the standard 42 mm bearings, a lighter & wider 42 mm 36 spoke rim (most feel 48 is overkill), upgradable to KH cranks at minimal cost, and DOES have brake mounts.

well amazon had a red/black dx listed at 2010 but I think I’ll trust you guys over them. The main reason I was considering a older version was amazon had them for close to $200, however I don’t think I’ll be doing this.

I am considering the nimbus muni series but I just wanted to find out the differences between the dx models first.

Thanks everyone for replying!:smiley:

If you can only spend ~ $200, I’d get one of those inexpensive aluminum Koxx One’s around right now, while they last. Although, it’s slow, you can do your Muni on that. while you save for a good 24"+ Muni.