Red Betty

i took a box of Rit fabric dye to my Betty shirt. it turned out quite well.


Very nice…where’d you get it?

Yah, whered you get that awesome shirt! I’d gladly pay like $25 for one!


You can order Betty shirts and many other shirts from Bedford Unicycles.

Betty is just 15.00 US plus 5.00 shipping anywhere in the US.
Most shirts are just 11.00 US
Betty and Jack are 15.00 US

Send a e-mail for more info to
info @ bedfordunicycles . ca

There are also baseball hats and toques.

See them here:

Start your collection today.
New Betty shirts coming this fall.



my betty shirt started to turn pink around the edges… weird because it’s never washed with the colored load. any one else have this problem? maybe i should dye my shirt too, it looked good…

I can’t really tell from the pic, but is the betty shirt white, or grey???

It’s somewhere between white and mid grey. My gfriend says mine looks like it’s supposed to be white but is really dirty. I think she’s just a little jealous of Betty and i don’t blame her.

I also have a Betty t-shirt and It is awesome. Darren did you say you can get betty hats or just like bedford unicycles hats? Also will there be more betty shirts in different poses and colours?

I am just wondering because I going to buy universe and some other stuff from you in a couple of weeks, but if If you are getting betty shirts in other colours or poses I will wait till fall.

…which of course raises the question: what about a pink Betty signature thong?

I really don’t think betty thongs would sell, I don’t think you could convince your girlfriend to wear a thong with another girl on it very easily, unless you get her drunk or something.

and where could an english man invest in a betty t-shirt without having to pay shipping from the US of A???

I’ll definately be ordering a betty shirt…along with some of those cool flame appliqués…before october.