Red Alert! terrorists use unicycles for attacks !

Yes, they will use them to deliver explosive to targets fast !

They can easily avoid blocked streets and ride straight to the target !

Alert! Shoot them fast!

Believe it or not but I crossed multiple times international borders while the x-ray displayed bombs, knives and other weapons hidden in my seat and/or wheel.

DUDE my dad knew a guy who was flying a plane to his mom’s house (or something), and he had a cake in a box, and the security was making a big deal (this was in the 80’s, though, before everyone was afraid of terrorists). So they put the box in the X-Ray machine, and the security guy said, “That looks like a good cake.” Or something. And my dad’s friend, always the joker, replied with, “Yeah, but it’s kind of hard to cut since there’s a gun in the middle of it.”
So they arrested him, took the cake somewhere isolated and blew it up. All because he wanted to give his mom a cake.

Sorry about the threadjacking.

These guys can sort it out :slight_smile:

People who joke about bombs in airports deserve everything they get for being muppets. Every month or so there’s another person who gets heavily fined or briefly imprisoned for their attempt at humour and people still do it.

On top of that, how original is “yeah, there’s a bomb in it” to people whose job it is to look for bombs and suchlike every single day? As if they wouldn’t have thought of that one before…

Hmmm. Maybe people who say “you’ve lost a wheel” to unicyclists should be instantly imprisoned, fined and have their belongings blown up. Now there’s an idea…


Actually this was because he said his luggage had a gun in it. I have to agree with Phil. There some are places you make jokes, and some where you don’t. Airport security, customs, IRS (That’s income taxes for us Americans), etc.


And I agree on that to.

Of course my unicycle never was used for smuggling bombs and weapons. It was always just a fake layer that was displayed on the monitor. It is for quality control of the security employee. If he misses too much fake objects s/he will lose the job.
Somehow if you bring an unicycle as handlugage, it atracks extra atention, and fake things are displayed to double check if you’re checked.