Recuring Pedal Predicament

Whats up everybody?

Here’s my problem. I’ve tried 3 different pedals, and every single time within a couple days my left (pedal grab, grind side) pedal has a bunch of play in it. I’ve tried greasing it up, tightening the nut inside, and everything else there is to fix that problem, but it keeps happening again and again.


Sounds like the crank. The threads could be damaged from lots of riding with the pedal loose.

I actually thought this too, but I tighten everything (EVERYTHING) before riding. I have also taken each pedal off the crank and it still has play. Thanks anyway.

your crank is probaly striped

From the sound of it you’re probably doing the right thing, but when you say tighten up the nut inside, are you actually tightening the thing under the main nut that tightens up the bearings? That’s what (at least on my pedals) stops them wiggling around. Don’t overtighten that one though, or else it stops the pedals turning completely (oops).


Joemarshall- I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about. Here is the line up of nuts and washers at the end of my pedal from outside to in:

First is the plastic cap that closes off the hole
Then is a 12mm nut
Then a washer
Then a 15mm nut

I tighten both the nuts , but not so tight that they stop the pedal from spinning.

Yeah, the inside nut tight enough to stop pedal play, loose enough to not stop the pedal. The outside nut, done up tight. If tightening up the outside nut makes the pedal stop turning, then undo it and loosen up the inside nut slightly before doing it all up again.

I think that’s how it is on my pedals, outside nut tight against the washer, which is against the inside nut, which isn’t done up super tight or else the bearings won’t turn.


ride with a loose pedal.
life could be worse.
I rode with one for a long time and nothing bad happened

Yeah, I rode with a loose pedal until it got so bad so fast that the nut would come off the spindle and the pedal would fall off. So I’m trying to prevent that :roll_eyes:


You have bent your crank, or your axle?

Haha, I would know if I had bent my crank… I’m not stupid.

Perhaps your pedal is on backwards? If it isn’t on the right way, it’ll gradually unscrew as you ride, which is kinda a problem. Try riding backwards all day and see if it still comes off. Or just try turning the pedal the other way round.

The pedals are not on backwards, and right is on right crank, and left is on left crank. Anyone else?

what pedals are these and how abusive are you being? i’m guessing you’re making the races and/or pedal axel get slightly out of round a loosen. beefier pedals are the only sure cure, and then only for a while.

Both my pedals have some play in them and they’re fairly new but its no real concern I had the old snafu’s for ages and they where loose from ride one and nothing bad ever happened.
You service them regular so providing they’re in good working order otherwise, you’re fine and needn’t worry. This happens to pedals so don’t worry.

are the pedals you use have sealed bearings? although i am not a ‘believer’ of seald bearing pedals this may be a possible answer to your problem…as i have heard they tend to not need adjustments etc as much but dont quote me on this as i find unsealed work just fine.

and no he hasnt got a stuffed anything, he simply has looseness in his pedal bearings…

I’m really not that hard on my equipment, although I do ride almost exclusively on concrete and really hard things like rock. They are Hoffman Sole Mates, which are pretty much the same design as Jimmy C’s. I think I’ll just forget about it, and if they die then I’ll get some new pedals. Thats how life works.

yeha they are unsealed… maybe when they break try some sealed pedals they might last longer…

and pedal grabs are har don equipment… although at the moment in the pastic bench vs. my try-all pedals… my pedals are still winning making the bigger gashes in the plastic bench :smiley:

how are pedal grabs hard on anything internal?
the only thing you do to it is external.
you need to tighten the pedal better. the outside nut should be realllly tight, but not so much so with the inside nut(the one the bearings ride on).
i know you already tried it, but you have to play with it for a while. if you do it right it LOCKS both nuts on because it tries to spin them off as one. I usually tighten the first one a little bit, about 1/4 turn short of where I want it. then I tighten the other one as tight as is reasonably stiff, but not quite enough to worry about stripping it.