Recruiting Talent in NYC--February 12 Sunday evening

New York City: I’m looking for jugglers or other types of performers over age 18 to be a part of a Bacchanalian Banquet, sunday February 12, for Flux Factory’s Banquet for America Project.

Please back channel me.

Honestly, Billy. This is a family forum.


The event is one of the “Picks” in Time Out New York.

You should try to contact Kyle Petersen, he is a well known juggler from Brooklyn. Here is his website:

I sure will! I know Kyle, unicycled up Flatbush Avenue with him recently.n Thanks for reminding me.

A critic from Time Out New York bought a seat at the table, so the press coverage will be great!

The opening party went until 6:30 am! It’s a crazy place, artists from all over the world made houses inside the Flux Factory and live there for this show. I wish they installed a live feed internet.

here’s a review of it so far, can’t wait til Sunday!!

I’ll send a review of the upcoming Sunday show when I get it!