recovering a fushionless kh seat?

help me please,

i want to cut down my KH seat (with the stapled on cover), but i don’t know how to put the cover back on.

i remember JC saying something about sewing loopy thingys onto the bottom edge instead of puching holes, to prevent the cover from ripping (homemade fushion). is this needed, has anybody been successfull in doing this?

my other ideas are using a hot glue gun to recover my seat or restapling it with a hardcore stapler (which i don’t have)

if any body has recovered their Fushionless KH seat could you please tell me how you did it

sam :slight_smile:

PS. i don’t want to buy a fushion cover

I cut the foam from my KH style seat in half.

then i just cut some of the cover off and stapled it on again.
The stapling part was a bit tricky but it worked out fine.

sorry but why would you cut cussion out?

Its better for freestyle and street, ridding. Makes it easier to pull the seat out, and back under you, for tricks.

Duct tape and glue -

Remember that the front handle and rear bumper will help to hold things in place.


For better seat out grip.

i ot black duck tape, and super glue and it work perfect when i turned it into an air seat