Recover - Street Unicycling

Hey guys, here’s the first big video I’ve made since 2010, I hope you enjoy!

Vimeo link if it doesn’t play in your country:

Wow you’re very good. Great job!

I don’t have audio here at work, but I enjoyed the video very much. Did you start riding in 09?

Thanks, I’m glad you guys liked it!

I did start riding in 09. I stopped for a little over a year because I got busy but I’m back to riding regularly now :slight_smile:

We’re kind of the same. I stopped riding for a few months because of knee problems, then had knee surgery. So I was out of it for a little over a year. But I ride muni.

Good to see that you’re wearing a helmet for the gnarly stuff.

Awesome, I hope your knee is all good now.

And yeah, I wear a helmet for the dangerous stuff, when I want more confidence, and whenever I do any muni.

Oh yeah, brand new good knee. I learned to ride with a bad one, so this is amazing having a good one now!

I recently bought a full-face helmet for muni, talk about a confidence booster!

New knee, nice upgrade!

Full face helmets look pretty awesome. If I did more Muni I’d like one.

They’re going to be hotter by nature. I just got a lightweight bmx one. It’s molded plastic, super lightweight. There’s some cooler, more lightweight full-faces coming out this year though.

You replaced your tire during the filming. :sunglasses:

Nice riding.