Seeing as somebody posted proclaiming to have done over 100 hops what other reel
records are there, and who is going to compile such a list. Here are just a few
that I would like to know:

  • Number of hops with and without hands. Gets boring after about five minutes.
  • Distance—normal/one-foot-on-frame/one-foot-in-air.
  • " " " " Both feet off!!!
  • Endurance rocking/hovering as above.
  • Highest hop up and furthest drop off.
  • Steepest/longest flight of steps accomplished. I can do about 6 and carry on.
    (1in1 or 50% gradient)
  • Number of balls juggled in various position+endurance. I can just-about do
    5 hovering!
  • Speed—various wheel sizes and foot positions. 13 Miles per hour in a dining
    hall (limited space!)

Well, tell us what you all can do… …Paul

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