Records at 96 NUC

Sorry for the mess in the last posting. Somehow some tab get into the file.

The following is a chart of who broke age group records at the 96 NUC To see the
times, look on the unicycle home page for NUC Results.

Age 1600/800 400 200 100 1ft WW SB FB SF OC -8 Dillon DD DD Divine

9-10 (NONE)

11-12 Nick NA NA NA NA Amundsen

13-14 Ryan Colin CS CS RW CS RW Wood Schworer

15-16 Andy AS Schwartz

17-18 Karl Frankowski

19-29 (NONE)

30-39 (NONE)

40-49 Dirk Ken Frank KF KF Iwema Fuchs Ringsmuth

50+ Sammy SH SH SH SH Hellwig

Female ========================================================================
Age 1600/800 400 200 100 1ft WW SB FB SF OC -8 Hallie Beattie

9-10 Tara Werneke

11-12 Annie Harden

13-14 Susie SN SN Norris

15-16 Dana Carrie Julia DS JH Schneider Norris Heimbach

17-18 Amy AE AE Edwards

19-29 Eatie Edwards

30-39 Connie CC CC CC CC CC Cotter

40-49 Tracy TB TB TB TB TB TB TB Bremer

50+ Carol Ann Matthews

Honorable mention to Dana Schneider for world records in 200m and Fast Backward.

Honorable mention to Teri Ahlstrand (40-49) who broke the previous records in
the 1600m, 400m, 200m, and 100m but was out done by Tracy Bremer.