Recommended Muni to Buy

Hi, I’m thinking about buying a mountain unicyle. I have a budget of $400. Also, I have never owned a mountain unicycle but I have done some muni on my Yuni trials unicycle. (Up intil recentley I was too small to fit on a 24") I am looking for a muni that would last me awhile, so splined hub is a plus but is not nessecary. I have been looking at the Yuni, Kris Holm, Onza, and Torker on Does anyone have any reccomendations. Thanks.

in this day of ‘cheap’ splined hubs, you really should go with a splined setup. If not for the strength, then the ease of maintenance.

The Yuni Muni seems to be a popular unicycle around here, it’s certainly worth the money (I don’t have one, but have seen the threads here)

Thanks. I own a Yuni trials and I like it a lot. Also the Torker is very cheap for a unicycle with a splined hub. Is the hub as good as other splined hubs such as the one on the Onza?

Hey, Read my Pashley 29er review too, I’m very proud of it.

Sorry Sofa, The 29er review is on this site, but I will try to write a review or two just out of gratitude. Anybody who sets up a site like that gets a big thank you from me. carjug, who does Habitat For Humanity

Thanks but I don’t think that I’ll fit on a 29er, I’m still a little short.

look on the 24" muni looks good on that it has a splined hub and it’s under you budget at 300$us i think you can change the money to £,$ or euros

buy a KH wheelset and then a Yuni frame and build up from there. You get a pretty sturdy uni for cheaper than most