Recommendations on places to Muni in SoCal


Glad I came, guys! I had a great time for my first MUni ride. Looks like I beat you guys out for the Youngster. We definitely should ride it again sometime soon. Or, maybe tackle a new trail! =)

You guys took pictures, right? Where might I find them?

I had an AMAZING time. I’ll do a write up on my website at some point and link it here. Right now I am BEAT. I will say this though:

The best part of doing this meet up was that it was not at all discouraging and gave me some perspective after watching tons of videos on the internet: it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, or if you’ve been riding for a few months (like me) or a few years: when doing muni, EVERYONE eats it. It’s such a precision sport that one minor miscalculation, no matter how minuscule, can result in an UPD. I’m sure all of us could probably ride miles upon miles on flat ground without every UPDing… but in the hills, no one is safe from an UPD.

Thank you guys for coming out. I had such a blast (even if it maybe looked like I wasn’t a couple of times) and would love to do it again any time.

Looking forward to the pictures and video…

Oh! Here’s the Google Buzz posts that I made, in order (if you’re confused, Stuyvesant Parker is the alias I use on the internet):








Sorry Not-Kevin, I forgot what your name was! I am pretty sure you are Not-Kevin…

Man o Man that was easy!

Thanks Terry for changing out my cranks - It was the right thing to do:) Thanks to all of you so much, that was my funnest uni adventure yet! I will share my pics this afternoon. To receive them by email write to me or post your address on here. For now I am going to take the push pins out of my shoes:D I’d love to get together and do it again at the loop or anywhere.

I know who I am

I am Kevin. The young man with all the talent on the orange uni was Peter. :wink:


Haha, I’m Peter.

Those look like nice pictures! =) Thanks for posting them! I’m still looking forward to more, as well.

Fullerton Loop 2.13.10 Pictures

The pictures have been assembled on ‘picasa’

I took two little videos but they seem to have been corrupted.

It had a great time and would like to do it again.

Thank you for the photos, and thanks to lobbybobster for showing us the Fullerton Loop.



Thanks Scott and everyone else. You made a great ride, I’d like to do it again!

Fullerton Loop

Hey all,
Rode early this morning to beat the rain, still got drizzled on twice but was a good ride allin all. Would have invited everyone else but the weather was too scketchy.

Looks like you all had fun! I’ll be at the local waterin’ hole, Sullivan Canyon on Sunday, where it’s always the most fun after it rains! Cheers! :smiley:

I have been kinda fiending to get out to the loop again :smiley: My legs hurt for days I will admit so clearly I need to do it more often.

When it dries up I’d love to get another group ride happening. I am open to new locations too. Sullivan canyon I don’t know but I will look it up - plans for tomorrow so I can’t make it. :frowning:

MUni ride at Chantry Flats

This might be a little late, but anyone want to go ride the Upper and Lower Winter Creek trail at chantry flats?

Located in sierra madre

Hey Sherman, one thing I meant to tell you when you emailed me about going to Chantry, is that you need to have an “adventure pass”. I suggest buying one before you go there!

I had no idea I even needed one until I got there, and had to pay twice the normal $5 price, since they add their own “surcharge.” So get one at your local sports store. You can also buy them online. But yeah, it a great trail, but a long uphill winding drive to get to the top where you park!

haha. I know. I was there last week or something. My dad paid 10 dollars for to just park in the private parking area. I regret not buying a pass or I could have gone several times for $5 instead.

btw, if anyone wants to go, we have to get there early or it may fill up.

Did you ride the same trail I did a while back? I did it as a loop starting at upper winter creek. Seemed like it was at least 5-8 miles total, but not sure.

yeah I did. from upper winter creek to hogees and then to lower winter creek.

it believe its 6 mile round trip

Is anyone planning a ride this Saturday? I was thinking of making a trip down that way. Maybe you can suggest your favorite So CA ride. I like off road or road. Uphill is always good.

The Fullerton Loop is a great ride but you probably don’t want to go without a local guide. I think MuniAddict knows pretty much all the local trails and may have a good suggestion. There are tons of bike baths too if you like road (available online) that won’t get you lost.

I have plans on Saturday but is anyone else available to show MBALMER around?

Aliso Woods might be a nice ride. Does anyone else have suggestions? I am busy, but I might be up for a short ride Saturday. Sunday will not work for me this weekend.


I’ll watch for you all to put together another ride and come down then. Saturdays work best for me. I don’t have any plans this weekend so I thought I’d see if something was going on. I’ll watch for your next get together.