recommendations for what brake (and parts) to use for my MUni with 24 x 3 tire?

Hi all, i have a nimbus II with a 24 X 3 wheel, i am looking for the right brake set up for my MUni.

i am new to the sport and don’t want to go around buying the wrong gear so any and all advice/comments welcome.

Cheer, Chris. :wink:

your going to want a magura HS hydraulic one. you will need a brake lever mount and also the brake clamps that go onto the frame.

I think someone in the trading section is selling used magura brakes for a pretty good deal. Those would definitely work for young you have mounts for them. Does your uni have magura brake mounts? If it has any brake mounts at all, they are probably magura.

If you want serious braking with the best modulation and don’t have any mounts on the frame, you can get this:

Yes, if you want to try rim brakes and your unicycle frame has the four holes for mounting Magura hydraulic rim brakes, I have lightly used and new HS33 brakes starting at $85. I have loads of colors, mounts, pads, parts and I can help you decide what you need.
Look here: Magura HS33 Brakes for sale

Cheers, Brycer1968

if you click on this link then on the pic you can see i have the mounting brackets for the HS magura brakes.

on the same site it also states that (click on the second link) this will fit Coker tyres but not 3" tyres.

is there a specific model or something that will fit a 3" tyre???

The brake booster doesn’t fit over a 3" tire, the brake itself will.

thanks guys for all your help, thats exactly what i needed to know, cheers.