Recommendation for Seattle area Muni?

I’m going to be in Seattle on a work trip and will have all day Sunday for some Muni. There is a ton of info on this forum and on the MTB sites about the trails and looks like there are a lot of great trails.

I’d appreciate it if someone could help me narrow my options - it’s pretty early in the year and looks like rain Friday, Saturday and maybe even Sunday - any particular trails that are good after a rain?

Also, we have some pretty good trails around here (Iowa), but what we don’t have is mountains. So I’d really like to get out of town (up to an hour and a half drive from SEA) into some mountains or at least a big woodsey area with good views. I’m not a real technical rider, but don’t mind if I have to walk some of the trail. An area not too crowded would be good too.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

You might try here:

Seattle Unicycle Meetup


Noli (user name thenoli) would be the guy to get in touch with. He leads the group mentioned above. I think he’s also on Facebook.

I’m rather new to unicycling and haven’t tried muni yet so I can’t give too much advice. There’s a MTB park called Duthie Hill in Issaquah that the group frequently rides. I don’t know if there are views though.

Here are a few rides I’ve heard about.
Iron Horse trail
Tiger Mountain
Snoqualmie Valley Trail

There are a couple of places within the city but it sounds like you’d rather go up to the Snoqualmie pass area.

These are all fine during the wet season, except tiger mountain doesn’t open until later in the spring. There isn’t too much in the way of views, lots of trees in the way.

If I had only one day to ride and it had been fairly wet, I would go to Tolt MacDonald. It’s the driest place.

Soaring Eagle park in Sammamish - Maybe 10 miles of rolling singletrack, not much in the way of major elevation change and maps all over the place make this my muni standby. About 1/4 of this park is on a low flat spot that doesn’t drain so well, it’s easy to see on the map and if you get stuck in it, just walk out, not a big deal.

Duthie Hill in Sammamish - Lots of technical elevated obstacles, this is the mountain bikers local hangout. There are some mellow trails, but it’s definitely a bit more hardcore than soaring eagle. Parking is limited which is why I usually find another place to ride. One of the busier places.

Tolt MacDonald State Park Carnation - Lots of trails, this is my favorite place to mountain bike, I’ve only ridden muni once here, not sure why. Less traffic than other places. It is at the top of a hill, so the first mile is all up hill, oh yeah, maybe thats why I don’t ride here much :wink: (it’s not that bad), lots of parking, a cool park in general.

Collonade Mtbike park Seattle - Urban mt bike skills park under the freeway. Mostly made out of rock. If your in the area it’s worth a look, it’s pretty cool.

Paradise Valley Woodinville - lots of single track, I ride here a lot. All types of trail. The technical stuff is lots of roots, smaller wheel is probably better here, although there is lots of rolling trail for a bigger wheel.

Tiger Mountain - opens in May I think, big elevation ride, at least 10 miles I think (it’s a big loop). Never done it on a uni, it’s a good ride on a mtn bike.

There are some areas out of the local area that I’ve heard are very cool, up near Bellingham (1.5 hrs north of seattle), I’ll let someone else chime in about those.

Bellingham has everything you requested. But if you don’t want to travel that far I suggest you try Issaquah’s Grand Ridge trail. If you can get dropped off at the upper end and ride through and get picked up at one of the I-90 interchanges it makes a great “classic” ride any time of year/weather, rain, snow, or, shine.


Thanks for the great info! This is just what I was looking for. Glad to hear the trails are OK in wet weather. Around here if we get 1/2" of rain the trails are all closed for 3 or 4 days.