Recommendation for good cree led flashlight

Hi All,

I’m looking to purchase a new flashlight (cree led) and I’d like to have any recommendations for a light-weight, long lasting battery and powerful light beam flashlight from your experience.
Preferably, if you know specific model available at it would be the best :slight_smile:


I just bought a Majicshine MJ-872. My friend has one and I really like the features that it has. It is available at

Reading one of the reviews, it seems there may be some issues with this light including the claimed brightness?

Not from DX - though they have similar ones, but I’ve been running one of these nearly daily for over a year on my commute:

I guess the similar one from DX would be:

at twice the price.

My only issue with it has been two of the wires on the battery pack regulator wiggled to come in contact with each other and the light would shut off every so often. A little hot glue fixed that, and it’s been good to go ever since.

I grabbed that last week, it comes with both a head, and handlebar mount. The box says its 2k lumens, though amazon seems to disagree - Whatever it is, it’s bright enough for the dark, misty forest I ride through, and lasts about 3 hours on ‘max’ brightness. On the lesser brightness it supposedly lasts double that but I haven’t been out for 6 hours to test it :smiley: It also has the token ‘epileptics beware’ mode, the flash is unbelievably fast, it surely can’t be legal!

I’ve added this one to my Xmas list for a bit of evening forrest riding…
And, as I live in the UK, when I say forrest I actually mean wood…we don’t have anything so grand as a forrest near me :smiley:


Thanks a lot Everyone for your recommendations.

I’ve decided to go with this one:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Actual Lumens

Keep in mind that all the cheap Chinese stuff from and similar ( advertises the theoretical maximum lumens - the actual lumens will be far less perhaps as much as 50% less.
The theoretical maximum lumens from the particular emitter (bulb) is the value under ideal/laboratory conditions which do not happen in the real world.
Regardless, the cheap Chinese stuff is still pretty darn bright. I’m the one that Munimag refers to that bought the MJ-872 and I’m very pleased with it.