Recommend me a new Uni

Ok, I can ride and hop and some other cool stuff:p And I currently own a Torker, uhh something-X (the one that is green with black flames) in a 24 inch. I want a better one now that I am experienced. I want to be able to do street type stuff, like hopping on to benches and tables and rails and doing big drops, but I also want to be able to off road, go down some dirt trails and jumps stuff too. And I don’t want it to be incredibly expensive since its just my second one. I also want a 20 inch for what I want to do (right?). Tell me which one you think and tell me a place that sells it cause I can’t find alot of uni stores online.
Thanks alot bros!

Wow i’m such an idiot, can a mod change my name to Unicyclone777? I spelled it wrong. lol.

torker dx would be an okay choice. for muni most people prefer 24inch, and for street/trails stuff most like a 20(19) inch. anyway, i think the 24 is more versatile, and that’s what i got when i was in your shoes, but i wanted to do muni + some street and trials. sounds like you want the other way…

the 19 inch is more suitable for what you want. the Kris Holm will be the best, it is the best. Next i will say the good quax, but the nimbus blows it out of the water with it’s price, the torker DX is getting slightly outdated, but is still a rediculously strong unicycle.

much below that is not good for jumping or anything above a curb(lets not argue it, i’m assuming its a 300 lb person w/ bad technique)

you probably want the Nimbus 19" trials unicycle.
if you upgrade to Kris Holm cranks you have one of the best unicycles around (i have not actually heard of anyone bending the original cranks)

a 24 is good for short distances and Muni, PM me if you want more info on those.

also, i think there is a way to delete that username . i know you can make another one if you have another email address.

lol, the nick sounds like a stoner uni’er.

KH if you can afford it, if not the Nimbus trials/MUni.

Like someone said, a trials uni for mostly street, flat, and trials, 24" for mostly Muni & commuting.

Most like shorter cranks for street and longer for trials on the 20, and longer for trials (140ish) or KNARLY MUni (170 ish).

Im thinking Torker DX cause I don’t gots alot of dough at the moment, where is the best place to get one on the internet? Im in Arkansas so I don’t have any uni selling shops round here.!

C’mon I past like 3 or 4 uni sellin’ shops when I rolled through Arkansas. (meh!)
bedford unicycles
and compulsion cycles…

other than that … do extensive google searches if you want to find the best price.

actually, get this unicycle… it is much more up to date and the same price if not cheaper. it is arguably the best unicycle out there for price strength at weight LETSALLGOFISHING!!-you have to be ill to get what i mean…