Recommend a unicycle?

I’m looking to get a unicycle to start learning, and came across this unicycle:
I want to eventually learn a few tricks, and maybe jump up and down the curb. Would this unicycle hold up? My specs: 5ft9in, about 125lbs and an inseam length of 30". if not this one, any other recommendations? I’d like to spend the least, without compromising quality.
Thanks in advance

That would be very good choice to begin learning this sport. It would be well-suited to the kind of riding you describe as your goal.
You might want to get someone else’s opinion on crank length (I’m not a freestyler), but the stock crank length (114mm) seems a little on the short side to start out. The American UDC page shows other crank options available on this uni, including 125mm, which may be a little better for a beginner. What do the rest of you guys think?

I have this unicycle (in chrome) , and love it.
Very strong, 48 spokes ISIS etc. Reasonably fat tyre too.

I too wanted one that would last and take whatever I threw at it.
It came with 114 cranks which were a bit short, so I bought 125’s … perfect for learning.

A trials might be more versatile. You can do a lot of free-style tricks on one, plus the fat tire allows for lower pressure if you want, which gives you more bounce. I learned to ride one-footed on mine, and I am learning wheel-walking…

It might be a bit more expensive, but something like a KH20 street has good resell value if it turns out you don’t like unicycling. I love mine. Worth every penny. And it’s so sexy–if you think unis can be sexy…

Or you can probably find a good nimbus trials uni used on the classified here. If you get a trials, and you are more interested in freestyle or flatland type riding you may consider swapping out for shorter cranks from the stock 137s, which make freestyle riding a bit choppy.

That unicycle is a good value. It’s a solid mid-level freestyle unicycle. If you don’t back over it with the car or something, it will last forever.

If you really get into unicycling then your goals will probably change, and you’ll eventually want a unicycle this is specially built for what you want to do. But don’t worry about that now. Nimbus II is a good place to start.

Little pricey for me,but thats a nice uni.

I’m reading it wrong or something. The OP uni in question
The add says “spokes 48 stainless steel 14G”
then the next line says “Hub Nimbus isis 36 hole”
Wouldn’t a 36 hub have 36 spokes?
Misprint or the 48 means something else? :thinking:

I expect it’s a misprint regarding the hub. As far as I’ve seen all of the Nimbus II models are 48 spoke, including the newly released 26".


Last week I bought a:
Nimbus II - signature series - Oreo edition 20" trials.
It has 36 spokes. Isis hub. Just ran out and counted. for $319 delivered

Looking thru UDC, I don’t see a 48 spoke Nimbus at all. The most I’m seeing is 36 spoke. Maybe the 48’s were dropped. Overkill ?

That is not a Nimbus II, that is a Nimbus Trials. Per hayneedle the item is “Nimbus 20 Inch Signature Oreo Trials Unicycle with ISIS Hub - Oreo” 36 spoke. Other unis on hayneedle include “Nimbus II 24 Inch Freestyle Unicycle with ISIS Hub - Blue” 48 spoke, and “Nimbus II 20 Inch Freestyle Unicycle with ISIS Hub - Blue”, 48 spoke.


Which UDC did you check? Per UDC USA:

Nimbus II 20" Freestyle
Nimbus II 24" Freestyle
Nimbus II 26" Freestyle, just released this month.
Nimbus II 20" Unicycle (Black), the same uni referenced above with correct hub info.

Most other Nimbus and Club unis come 36 spoke but I just spotted the new Oregon 29" (32 spoke) on UDC USA last night. As to why UDC continues to spec the Nimbus II (Freestyle) line 48 spoke, Roger at UDC UK would probably be the best person to ask.


So I already have 3 posts in this thread none of which actually address the OP’s original question…

This would be an excellent starter uni. I have a Nimbux II 24" and it’s a great uni. If it’s in your budget I say go for it. If you stick with it you won’t need to go looking for a “better” uni later unless you decide you want a bigger wheel or start riding more aggressively than you have described.

It is a bit pricey but it’s worth the money as long as it doesn’t end up in the garage collecting dust.


I stand totally corrected. I didn’t flip to the last page of UDC to see the Nimbus II’s, thanks for the clarification :o

48 spokes on the Nimbus 2 is for a couple of reasons. It is done to produce a superstrong unicycle for larger adults, it is also done so that it can be used for hockey.