Recomendations on different types of rims.

hey guys,

I’ve been trying different types of rims and they dont seem to wana hold me up. Ive had standard 20" rim but it bent. Now im looking around to see what will be able to take the pressure. I only weigh 135 pounds but 5-6 foot drops come around often. If someone knows of a good stable rim, it’d be nice.


Arrow Racing rim, 19 inch, UNICYCLE.COM. Bout 40 bucks. I weigh 210 and it ain’t bent yet.


Is the rim for a standard 20" freestyle unicycle?

There are some really strong (and heavy) 20" BMX dirt jumping rims. They’ve got double or triple walls (box sections) which gives them more strength. Most (all?) standard unicycles come stock with single walled rims. The cheap ones come with single walled steel rims. The better ones come with single walled aluminum alloy rims. Upgrading to a triple walled BMX dirt jumping rim.

There’s lots of choices for strong BMX rims. Just ask a local bike shop that specializes in BMX bikes.

Alex and Sun are big players in the BMX rim market. For example there is the Alex Supra Sigma or the Sun Black Label.

But if you’re doing big drops and such you really should get a trials unicycle with a fat 19" trials tire. The fat tire absorbs more of the jolt when you do drops and gives you more bounce for jumps.

Not to forget rims from AtomLab. They have rims which are light and extremely strong. They comes in 3 models, Aircorp, trailking and trailpimp. Here’s the manufacturer website: AtomLab