recomend unicycling

hey just wanted to say that one of my friends who I haven’t seen in a while saw me riding my coker around town and then I let him try my coker, Torker, and bc wheel what amazas me is after and hour he can mount and ride for about 2 relolusions so I let him borow my 20" Sun untill he learns and buys his own. Has anyone else turned a friend on to unicycling…

Thats great you got a friend into it!

Lets see, me and Mike started at the same time. We have got our friends Donnie, Chris, Zach, Levi, Jesse, Clay, some more people, and my girlfriend Sera to ride. Then we also have Phil and Noah who have been riding for a few years longer than us.

My daughter’s friend (17 yrs old) was really curious about unicycling. He seems to be an avid mountain biker. He came around last weekend to my house and I gave him some pointers and lent him my old Sun 24". Apparently, he has natural talent and is now riding all around his neighborhood and at his school. He’s not sure which style he wants to focus on (muni, long distance, trials, etc); he loves all of the sport.

Next time I see him, I’ll recommend that he joins

I think this is one heck of a resource.

My friend Sandy gave me my Norco Twenty Uni.

He didn’t give me a rim and spokes or tire though.

So I laced up the wheel, around 4pm I was done.

At 11pm I could ride about 100 feet before I would get too tired to ride anymore and have to rest.

I have been riding for a little over a month, maybe a month and a half now.

I ride to school everyday now.

I’m hoping to get into Trials or Muni, probably going to get a 24" Torker DX and use that for Trials and Muni.

after riding for a couple years in america, i got better and moved to germany. Then i made some friends and they thought it was a cool sport and now we have me, stefan, chris, david, and sammy that learned how to ride because of me.

It feels nice to feel like you get to change somebodys life a little.

I thought one of my friends to ride one day when a few of my freind and I went camping at a local camp ground. they all we skating and i was unicycling. well the one guy broke a board so he learnt how to ride my unicycle when I wasn’t rideing it. he could sometimes mount it and get a little ways but that’s all he can do. he wants a unicycle but i doubt he would get into it because he likes skateboarding to much

Maybe you could pursuade him into Unicycling… or he would pick it up faster than skateboarding.

My friend Orla said she would learn to ride a unicycle but wasnt doing anything about it so I bought her a cheap ebay uni for her birthday earlier this month. She is slowly getting there and thanks to the uni has started a circus skills club in her school. w00t! In fact we’re going out to uni later this evening.

My friend hannah has had a uni for a little over a year but hasnt has the perseverance to ride it.

A couple of school friends have shown a bit of interest but I dont think they’re likely to get there own. Too self consious of being seen in public.

Another “friend” thinks he can unicycle but cant. At all.

I’ve just bought a new freestyle uni so when that arrives I’ll have a spare which I can let people learn on.

I’ll get enought people to play hockey yet…

yup,:smiley: about 3 or 4 people are getting some street/trials uni’s :sunglasses:

ive started a craze!!!:smiley:

yehawww!! =P


When I first started my friends Po and Wei, both started at the same time pretty much, but then I was the first to start doing tricks, and we then got our friend Karim started and my friend Nick (nickness on the forums) started. After that I bought a trials and everyone except Po followed suit. Nick and I are the only ones that still ride regularly now though, I don’t see Karim or Po much anymore so there isn’t much opportunity for them to ride with others, and Wei just doesn’t seem motivated to ride much.

We were all the unicycle crew at my high school but apparently since we have left there is another kid who has started, who knows maybe there will be more to come.