Check out this cool unicycle story. This happened on Thursday to me.

I took my children to the local “Nike” shoe story to buy them some new school shoes. As we take the goods to the counter to pay, the clerk says to me, “I know you, you look so familiar!”

I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic in our small town for the last 15 years, so my wife and daughters are use to me getting recognized. It is always that they have been a patient of mine sometime over the years, or second, they have seen me singing in a church in our area. I do that too. As I am about to say, “I’m Dr…”, She interupts me and says, “Your the Unicycle guy!”

Well, my mouth drops open. I said, “How do you know I’m the Unicycle guy?” Turns out, she is a teacher at a local school. I have taken my uni and ridden for two or three of their classes
on “Celebrity Read Day.” I have done this each of the last two years.

I love it. I got recognized for being a Uni-rider, and not being a Doc. Life is so good! I am the UNICYCLE GUY!!! :smiley: --chirokid–

It’s good to be the Unicycle Guy.

So she’s a teacher, and a clerk?

Paco, you don’t know much about the pay scale for teachers, do you? Summer time doesn’t always mean “endless vacation”…

Tom is right Paco. Clerk during summer, then Teacher during fall, winter and spring. Almost all teachers I know work a 3 month summer job to help make ends meet.

The Unicycle Guy --chirokid–

I knew the pay scale was low, but I didn’t think it was that low! I guess my brother-in-law is the track coach as well to help make ends meet.

I get recognised all the time. I’ll just be walking down the mall and all of a sudden “HEY! Unicycle Guy!”

It’s pretty cool.

Yeh it’s great to be a ‘the unicycle guy’. At the soccer dinner for school I was Andrew ‘I love my unicycle’ Carter. I thought that was pretty special.