Recieved new 28"

I’ve been riding since last aug. when I started on a 20" noname uni I found in the trash.I progressed to a 24" Schwinn which I bought used after about a month.Early this spring I got my first new uni, a Yuni Journeyman 26". The yuni now has a bike nashbar 2" IRC Metro 85psi. tire on it.These tires are great and less than TEN dollars.Nashbar and Performance are great sites for inexpensive bike or uni tires and gear.Several days ago the free shipping ,dreaded Sun 28" arrived by Brown from Sunrise Cyclery in NY . It took 5 days from order to first ride.It comes with a pedal wrench,2 extra nuts & bolts for the bearing holders,4 rubber shims for said bearing holders, kenda 1.75in.blackwall 75psi. tire ,basic plastic pedals and a basic saddle with plastic bumpers.I’TS NOT THAT BAD for $100.00 delivered.Since I live in NY I had to fork over $8.75 for sales tax.I’ts not too different from a 26" but moves along slightly faster.After I get used to 125 mm cranks on the 26" I hope to try them on the 28".I live in MT. Pleasant , NY which is verrrry hilly as the name states ,so I may stay with the 150"s for the extra control. As I have read here it is light, but works well for my 180 lb., 50 yr. old body.I will sure let you know if it self- destructs on me Cheech

new 28"

I failed to notice the kenda cosmos tire on the sun does in fact have a small whitewall. I also did not note the quick release seat bolt or the alloy rim. With about 10 miles under the wheel I cant say anything bad. I’ts nimble at moderate to high speed and felt sluggish on slow hip twist turns.The pressure(75psi), or the tire itself may nead tweaking.

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i couldn’t figure out what to do with the rubber shims that come with this uni. does anyone know if they’re necessary or when they should be used?

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they are for dialing in the relatively cheap bearing holderers.

why would you want to do that, do they come loose?