Recent Improvements

I want to celebrate my recent improvements with you lot (cos when I tell my friends the don’t care, funny). Anyway small steps, remeber.

  1. Thanks to Roger at the Ellesmere Port Diabolo (sorry, Circus) convention on Saturday I learned the Static Mount and the Rolling Mount on my 20". I also half learned the Side Mount.
  2. Also on Saturday I became aware that I am hardly using my left leg at all. So I introduced my left leg to unicycling and can now do a couple of idles with my left leg and am working on mounting with the opposite foot to usual.
  3. Practicing this evening I nailed the rollback mount on my 29er 50% of the time and even managed a couple of idles on her.
    Oh and I can do up to 29 idles on my 20" now.
    So, all in all, a good week. Unfortunately the weather has been too rubbish to do any long rides or practice MUni. (Yes, I am a fairweather unicyclist).
    Thanks for reading.

Good for you. I remember I the first time I idled for a long time. I was in a gym that a couple unicyclists in town come to every monday night. I was like hey guys I’m idling, and they were like “uh huh yeah, that great.” So I was like “forget you guys, I’m gonna become the master and leave you in the dust.” And that’s bay-cus-ly what has happened, since I can learn new things in like 5 seconds!

Hi Cathy,

That’s brilliant! I’m impressed with both your progress and your dedication! You’re obviously going to be so much better at the next BUC that I’m going to have to hide away in shame!

I fear that I don’t get out on the unis anywhere near enough as I ought to, and my progress has suffered as a consequence.

Recently I have rediscovered the field at the back of my house, and the fact that I feel slightly less fearful of hurting myself on it than I do on the road in the front. I managed three pedals backwards (woo hoo!). I must get back to the level skills, coz that’s what keeps me focussed, rather then trying a load of new skills willy-nilly.

My son is determined to wheel walk and keeps urging me to try, mainly I believe so he can enjoy watching me fail miserably.

Keep us up to date on your progress, Cathy. I need spurring on to keep improving till we meet again!

Congratulations!!! In my opinion you’re at one of the most fun times. I remember always loving to count revolutions or idles. It’s just so fun to see if you can beat your previous record!

I usually never count idles or revolutions, I just pay attention to what I’m doing.

Same here, I’m usually too busy trying to stay on top my squirrely little girl to count.

that sounded dirty

Go, Cath!

Thanks for your encouragement. I knew you’d understand.

Thanks for that, but it’s more like my obsession. (due to my Asberger traits)


Re: Recent Improvements

Congrats, Cathy, you’re making some real progress there!

>(Yes, I am a fairweather unicyclist).

Nothing to be ashamed of as far as I’m concerned, see

(Although recently a light on-and-off drizzle started when I was on a
distance ride and I continued for a good hour. It wasn’t as terrible
as I feared. “De mens lijdt het meest onder het lijden dat hij

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