reccomended tire pressure?

my new uni (24" bedford with a 24"x2.6" stout tire & whatever tube darren would put into it) was pretty flat when i got it last week…

so i pumped it up at the gas station last night.
the tire says between 45-65psi
i pumped it up to 60, and i can barely ride it now.

should i let some air out? (if so, how? leave the valvecap off for a day or so?) or am i just not used to it? i rode my torkerLX with a really inflated tire, but it’s smooth & not knobby.

or maybe i’m just can’t ride through ankle-deep slushy snow. heh.

Taking the valvecap off for a day won’t make it leak out pressure. The valvecap is there to protect the valve stem.

To take out pressure simply press on the needle in the middle of the valve stem. Ideally you would use a tire pressure gauge to lower the pressure, however, your finger or a pen will be fine.

Post up your weight so people can give you a more accurate estimate of tire pressure to use. It will probably be somewhere in between 20-30. If you’re riding off road where you don’t want to bounce off of roots and different things on the ground make sure the pressure is low. Always make sure you have enough pressure in the tire to you won’t tap the wheel when you do a drop, jump, whatever. If you’re gapping and the tire folds over, more air.

Try lowering it to 30 psi and see how that feels, it’s always easier to take more air out than it is to put it back in. Go to 30, then lower to where you like it.

I had the same Q awhile ago …

Here ya go … Linky :smiley:

In the snow and slush , I left my tire pressure squishy…
(Just enough not to bottom out)
That leaves more tire surface and knobbies on the ground.

But, don’t do any hopps onto anything.