reccomend a good popular helmet

I need a new helmet. The primary use for the helmet will be the helmet-cam that I’m going to use at Moab. So, it needs good ventilation holes (for the camera strap). It should also be something that other people would be willing to wear, since I hope to get some of the super riders at Moab to wear it for a while.

I can always strap the helmet cam on somebody else’s helmet, but it would be a lot quicker and easier if we decide to trade it off between riders if it stays on one helmet. That’s why I need something “popular” that everybody will want to wear. Maybe there is something that tends to not hold the other guy’s sweat. Maybe somebody out there has experience mounting a helmet cam and knows a good compatible helmet.

And those of you interested in helmet cam stuff, I think that this:

and this:

are going to work out pretty nice.

For a helmet-cam that will be worn by multiple people, you should shop for a helmet with a wide range of size settings and easy adjustment. It also needs to be a snug fit, so the camera holds still. Something like one of those head-lock systems.

Make sure the camera has a nice wide angle lens on it.

Sounds cool!

Thanks, John. I didn’t know there were helmets available with size adjustments. Do you know of any on-line retailers I can look at to find that?

The people I’m buying the helmet cam sell a $20 wide-angle adapter - I’ll probably throw one of those into the package and see what it does for the footage.

Definitely go for the wide angle adapter. Though a helmet-cam may be pretty wide to begin with, it can’t hurt.

For helmets, I recommend going to the bike shop and trying them on, to see what works for you. Bring the camera if you have it, or tell the bike shop people what you’ll be doing and they may be able to suggest models that will work better. I’m not a helmet expert.

For online shopping: Google! (or Froogle)